SFAA Online Lease Access Demonstration

Curious how to fill out the Residential Tenancy Agreement Online? Join SFAA for a FREE (Members Only)webinar on how to access and navigate the online forms page.

Members will receive a basic outline of items that will be covered during the webinar

  • How to sign in?
  • How to save the SFAA Lease Agreement and create a folder for each property?
  • How to make edits and use auto fill
  • How to email completed form to tenants to review and sign?
  • What is E-Signature?

This webinar will be hosted by Matt Maynard of Forms R Us

Join the meeting: join.me/formsrus.com


Conference ID:
305-490-748 #

Fee: SFAA Members Only - FREE

Contact Stephanie Alonzo at [email protected] or 415-255-2288 x113

6/22/2022 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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