You Bet Your Assets!

What You Need to Know About ESA Processing and more. Service or support. HUD or DOJ. FHA or ADA. Do you know the differences? In this session, we’ll discuss what you need to know now about assistance animals and accommodation requests — from the 101 basics to the 2020 HUD Assistance Animal Notice. Both on-site teams and regional management will appreciate the content that we’ll cover on one of the hottest HUD complaint topics.






Presented by Victoria Coward, CPM, NAAEI Faculty Director of Education and Outreach Pet Screening. Counts toward 1 credit towards CEC.

Fee: $45 for SFAA members; $65 for non-members

For more information, contact Maria Shea at 415.255.2288 x110 or [email protected]

11/30/2022 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

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