Which Addenda Do I Need Webinar

SFAA & CAA are proud to partner and present this on demand webinar. It’s a simple enough question, but there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Although no new addenda are required in 2023, CAA did revise the form of all its rental /lease agreement addenda by removing the repetitive top block (which named the residents and landlord and identified the property) to shorten all these forms.

Depending which addenda is required depends on many factors including:

  • Applicability of AB1482 rent control and just cause
  • The type of rental unit
  • When the rental unit was built 
  • The location of the rental unit
  • The property owner's policies
  • The resident's activities

Instructors: Kevin Greenquist, Kevin P. Greenquist, Esq. of Counsel to Zanghi Torres Arshawsky LLP


Fee: $45 Member $65 Non Member.

For more information contact Maria Shea at 415-255-2288 x110 or [email protected]
7/27/2023 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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