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Management Companies Pricing

Units: Base Fee: Unit Fee:
1-22 $605 x $5.50 per unit
23 + $560 x $7.50 per unit

Management Company Benefits- Professional/Licensed Property Managers and Companies

Property managers in San Francisco have their work cut out for them. Between constantly shifting legislation, high property taxes, and maintenance requests and complaints, it can be tough to successfully manage a single rental property here – let alone an entire rental portfolio!

We’re here to make things a little easier. The SFAA works in conjunction with the City’s leading property managers, landlord attorneys, department heads, and policymakers to ensure our Management Company Members are informed, in compliance, and on the leading edge of industry trends.

As is the case with a standard membership, your Management Company Membership dues are 69% tax deductible, since SFAA is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit.

SFAA Management Company Membership Benefits:

Weekly Classes: SFAA organizes and hosts educational webinars on a weekly basis. These courses cover topics ranging from day-to-day property management tips to landlord-tenant communication to compliance with new laws and more.

Management Company Members send their staff to SFAA webinars to give them the tools and knowledge they need to successfully manage properties.

Plus, Management Company Members are also welcome to teach webinars – this gives them a platform to share their own expertise while also building relationships with local rental property owners.

Landlord Expo: This annual event is jam-packed with timely information and relevant resources for San Francisco rental property owners. Our trade show also provides an invaluable opportunity for vendors and management companies to promote their services and products through one-on-one conversations with local property owners.

Operational Advice: As a professional property manager in San Francisco, you’re probably already familiar with the basics of fair housing, rent control, and landlord-tenant law. But you’re probably also aware that constant regulatory changes, complex rules, and lots of liabilities can present challenges to even seasoned property vets.

SFAA staff are here, Monday through Friday, to help field your questions and refer you to trusted resources and professionals.

Free Digital Rental Forms: Management Company Members get access to SFAA and California Apartment Association digital and/or hard copy forms. These include notices to raise rent, addenda for service animals, 3-Day Notices, and more (SFAA Residential Tenancy Agreement not included).

Executive Managers’ Luncheons: Receive high-level updates and stay on top of your game. Our luncheons provide great industry network opportunities and a place to discuss current and upcoming policy changes.

SF Apartment Magazine: Members receive a FREE subscription to SFAA’s feature-length monthly publication. Preferred vendors are given priority to write articles and receive discounted advertising rates for this premier rental housing industry publication.

Referral Network to Preferred Vendors: Nobody wants to spend their Sunday morning Googling “Fire Alarm Certification” in a panic. As a Member, you won’t have to – you’ll have access to our preferred vendor directory, so you’ll always be able to quickly find a reliable professional.

Plus, SFAA Management Company Members are highlighted within our preferred vendor directory on the SFAA website and in SF Apartment Magazine. Members use both as trusted sources when choosing professionals to partner with.

Annual Trophy Awards: Celebrate the industry and recognize your staff at the annual SFAA Trophy Awards. The party honors the best in the industry with fine food, cocktails, and music. It’s the industry event of the year!

Your SFAA Dues Will Be Put to Work

We try to put our members’ dues to work, investing them in organizations and funds that benefit San Franciscan property owners in multiple ways.

SFAA Political Action Committee: A portion of your membership dues support SFAA’s Political Action Committee (SFAA PAC). The SFAA PAC supports owner-friendly candidates for local office; it also supports ballot initiatives that are good for property owners and campaigns against ballot measures that are harmful to property owners (such as real estate tax increases).

SFAA Legal Fund: A portion of your membership dues go towards SFAA’s Legal Fund. SFAA’s Legal Fund is used to defend your rights by litigating and seeking to overturn unconstitutional or illegal local ordinances.

Political and Legislative Advocacy at the State and Local Level: San Francisco and California legislators have burdened the rental housing industry with increased regulation in recent years. SFAA and CAA’s Government Affairs staff work together to fight legislative proposals that are harmful for property owners at both the local and state level.