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Member Meeting Handouts

June 17, 2019
Rent Board Updates :
The Rent Board was created to “safeguard tenants from excessive rent increases and, at the same time,
to assure landlords fair and adequate rents consistent with federal anti-inflation guidelines.
" The Rent Board is not an advocacy organization and does not create laws or policies,
but simply implements what the voters and Board of Supervisors pass into law.

Find out what your responsibilities are when you file a capital improvement petition, what the new process is for
filing an O&M petition, and get a refresher on buyout regulations.  This brief discussion will be followed by a
question and answer period.

A special thanks to our Member Meeting Sponsors:
Au Yat-Cehong of AEC Alarms

Kim Boyd-Birmingham of Rent Board Passthroughs


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The San Francisco Apartment Association is dedicated to educating, advocating for, and supporting the Rental Housing Community so that its members operate ethically, fairly, and profitably. SFAA is a trade association whose main focus is to support rental owners by offering a wide variety of benefits that address all aspects of rental housing industry. We offer our members everything needed to manage rental property within the law.

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