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SFAA has been an advocate for rental housing in San Francisco since 1917. More than 3,000 SFAA members enjoy these benefits:
  • The SFAA Rental Lease and Rental Forms
  • Legislative and Political Advocacy at City Hall and in Sacramento
  • Phone support for your rental housing questions
  • Rental Housing Educational Classes designed to make you more effective
  • The monthly SF Apartment magazine

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Our Mission: The San Francisco Apartment Association is dedicated to educating, advocating for, and supporting the Rental Housing Community so that its members operate ethically, fairly, and profitably. SFAA is a trade association whose main focus is to support rental owners by offering a wide variety of benefits that address all aspects of rental housing industry. We offer our members everything needed to manage rental property within the law.


April 15, 2019
Maintenance and Best Practices: Find out what your responsibilities are as a rental property owner.

Missed the meeting? Please find the handouts here:Member Meeting Handouts

A special thanks to our Member Meeting Sponsor: Craig Berendt, Berendt Properties
Berendt Properties San Francisco Property Management team is a group of dedicated
owners and operators of our own buildings and provide other owners top property
management services.