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September 2024 Member Meeting Sponsor
When: September 18, 2024
Where: San Francisco, CA
Landlord 101 Webinar Part II
Back by popular demand! SFAA's popular two-part Landlord 101 class provides property owners and managers with the latest best practices around beginning and ending tenancy. Landlord 101 is taught by SF's top Real Estate attorneys Clifford Fried of Fried, Williams & Grice Conner LLP and Edward C. Singer Jr., Law Offices of Ed Singer.  Both of these classes count toward CCRM continued education:

When: June 27, 2024
Intellirent's Midyear Releases
Intellirent's making a summer splash with exciting new updates-are you ready? Join this webinar for a tour of the New Intellirent release, introduction to new features, and more! Plus, as always, a love Q & A session to answer all your burning questions.

When: June 21, 2024
Landlord 101 Part I
Back by popular demand, we are excited to reintroduce the San Francisco Apartment Association's (SFAA) renowned two-part Landlord 101 series. This comprehensive course is designed to equip property owners and managers with the latest best practices, ensuring a smooth and successful experience in both commencing and concluding a tenancy.

When: June 20, 2024
Learn about the legal issues affecting short-term rentals. Are short-term rentals of residential real property legal in San Francisco? Can you evict your tenant if you can prove they are using the unit for short term rentals?

When: June 14, 2024
Termites 101
What’s Eating My Wood? As a part of owning and living in the Bay Area we encounter wood destroying organisms from time to time. This can include termites, beetles and or fungus. How can you identify and differentiate these pests? What should you look for when hiring deciding if and when to hire pest management company to resolve these issues?

When: June 5, 2024
The Corporate Transparency Act: The Impacts
The Corporate Transparency Act is requiring all reporting companies (LLC, Corporation, Partnerships and more) to file a FinCEN report with the Financial Criminal Enforcement Network (FinCEN) of the U.S. Treasury, disclosing all information about the beneficial owner(s) of the legal entity and those that created them. Failure to report in a timely manner can lead to a fine of $500/day. Beginning January 1st, 2024, the Corporate Transparency Act will begin enforcing reporting companies ... Details
When: May 29, 2024
Roommates and Revolving Doors Webinar
Understanding Costa-Hawkins, Replacement Roommates, New Occupants and How to Assert Your Rights When Non-Leaseholders Occupy Your Unit.  This subtenant, roommate and additional occupancy course addresses:

When: May 24, 2024
Bedbug Remediation and Regulations
Bedbugs do not discriminate. Infestations happen in SRO units, luxury penthouses, and everything in between. Review with us San Francisco Department of Public Health has recently revised their Bed Bug Rules and Regulations. Join ATCO Pest Control as we dive into what the owner needs to understand when it comes to managing bed bugs.

When: May 21, 2024
Intellirent: Resident Screening & Rental Marketing
Learn how Intellirent can help you manage your workflow quickly and efficiently. Open forum style with live Q & A session.

When: May 17, 2024
CCRM 2024 Spring Night Series
CCRM PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERIES This course will give you the knowledge you need to understand and perform the day to day tasks of property management. Make your resume stand out from others when interviewing. Topics covered in this course include: Introduction to Ethical Property Management, Rent the Property, Beginning and Maintaining the Tenancy, Renewal of Tenancy and Ending the Tenancy, Maintenance Management: Maintaining the Property, Liability & Risk Management, Budget... Details
When: May 14 – July 16, 2024
Hoarding In Your Unit Webinar
There are many serious problems that may arise as a result of tenant hoarding. These problems don't just impact the hoarding tenant- they may also impact other tenants in the building, neighbors, visitors and the landlord. A tenant is not free to maintain the rental unit in an excessively cluttered and unclean manner. In fact, there are typically contractual and legal obligations to prevent such tenant behavior. Join us as we discuss how to deal with hoarding tenants and learn more... Details
When: May 8, 2024