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SFAA 2024 Annual Trophy Awards
The 2024 SFAA Trophy Awards Show will honor the firms, employees and properties that lead San Francisco's Rental Housing Community. A Trophy Awards sponsorship is an ideal way to showcase your business in an exquisite and fun setting.

When: October 24, 2024
Where: San Francisco, CA
September 2024 Member Meeting Sponsor
When: September 18, 2024
Where: San Francisco, CA
Roommates and Revolving Doors Webinar
Understanding Costa-Hawkins, Replacement Roommates, New Occupants and How to Assert Your Rights When Non-Leaseholders Occupy Your Unit.  This subtenant, roommate and additional occupancy course addresses:

When: September 13, 2024
History of Costa Hawkins
This one-hour class will examine the extremely impactful Costa-Hawkins statute and its impact on rental housing throughout California and in cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles that have restrictive rent laws.  We will dissect the statute and discuss, among other topics, the law’s prohibition against vacancy control, the exemptions that have been created for single-family homes and condominiums, and the exceptions carved out for housing constructed after February 1, 1995.  In... Details
When: August 30, 2024
Asset Protection-Open Forum
In this interactive workshop, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes understanding of asset protection for property owners from nationally recognized asset protection attorney David Calderon. David will reveal where unforeseen liabilities originate and how to guard your property. Along the way, we’ll take any and all questions about your own situation and answer them LIVE on the webinar. Don’t miss this opportunity to get direct input on your own planning from a top asset protection... Details
When: August 28, 2024
Recology SF Mandatory Recycling and Composting Ordinance
Join San Francisco Environment Department and Recology's Waste Zero Team on this one-hour workshop that will cover the basics of San Francisco’s Mandatory Recycling and Composting Ordinance. Learn about all the excellent programs Recology has to offer! Save on collection costs by maximizing your diversion discount and avoiding contamination and overage fees. Make your apartment more appealing for tenants by having clean and organized waste collection services. Acquire solutions on... Details
When: August 21, 2024
Where: San Francisco, CA
Intellirent: How to Compare Data and Use Repo
Collecting the right data to gain accurate insights is crucial to any screening process. As a rental housing provider, you know bad residents are costly, and regulations around credit reporting can be tricky. Learning about best practices can help you build preventative measures to protect your rental business.

When: August 16, 2024
P's & Q's: Landlord Etiquette Webinar
Basic landlord etiquette is one of the most effective ways to avoid bigger problems. Register today and you will learn how to avoid trouble, minimize problems, and enhance your tenant’s experience. Learn or refresh your knowledge of best practices from:

When: August 14, 2024
You're Going to Have to Serve Somebody
Residential landlords are required to serve many different notices and documents on their tenants. Whether required by law or lease, service must be done correctly or it's like the notice was never served. Improper service can mean invalid rent increases or faulty evictions. In this class, learn how to serve a variety of notices and documents correctly so that your rent increases and evictions are upheld in court and at the Rent... Details
When: August 8, 2024
Landlord 101 Webinar Part II
Back by popular demand! SFAA's popular two-part Landlord 101 class provides property owners and managers with the latest best practices around beginning and ending tenancy. Landlord 101 is taught by SF's top Real Estate attorneys Clifford Fried of Fried, Williams & Grice Conner LLP and Edward C. Singer Jr., Law Offices of Ed Singer.  Both of these classes count toward CCRM continued education:

When: August 1, 2024
Updates on SF Street Response Program
The San Francisco's Coordinated Street Response Program - When to call 911 vs 311. The presentation will be about San Francisco's Coordinated Street Response Program. The Coordinated Street Response Program is a multi-agency effort to provide specialized resources. Our goal is to offer compassionate care to people experiencing a crisis on the streets and educate the public about when to call 911 and 311.

When: July 25, 2024
Landlord 101 Part I
Back by popular demand, we are excited to reintroduce the San Francisco Apartment Association's (SFAA) renowned two-part Landlord 101 series. This comprehensive course is designed to equip property owners and managers with the latest best practices, ensuring a smooth and successful experience in both commencing and concluding a tenancy.

When: July 25, 2024
Intellirent: Resident Screening & Rental Marketing
Learn how Intellirent can help you manage your workflow quickly and efficiently. Open forum style with live Q & A session.

When: July 19, 2024
Fair Housing Rules Regarding Families & Children
SFAA & CAA are proud to partner and present this on demand webinar.  State and Federal fair housing laws prohibit discrimination against families with children under 18.  In addition to prohibiting an outright denial of housing to families with children, fair housing laws also prohibit housing providers from imposing unreasonable requirements or conditions on tenants with custody of children such as:

When: July 18, 2024