About the San Francisco Apartment Association

What Does the SFAA Do?

The San Francisco Apartment Association is the only private, non-profit organization in San Francisco dedicated to helping property owners. Our knowledgeable staff will help you navigate the challenges of renting properties in one of America’s most tenant-friendly cities.

How do we do that?

Through weekly educational classes, newsletters, and SF Apartment Magazine, we’ll help keep you and your staff up to date on relevant policies and industry practices. And through free resources such as property management forms, tenant screenings, and more, we’ll help you run your business as smoothly as possible.

Plus, our property experts are available five days a week to answer your questions. The San Francisco rental industry is complex and always changing – we’re here to offer you some clarity.

And while we don’t provide legal, managerial, or maintenance services ourselves, we’re happy to direct you to trusted partners who can help in each of these departments.

The SFAA’s History

We’re pretty good at what we do – maybe because we’ve been at it for over a century!

Our association began back in 1917 when a group of rental property owners decided that San Francisco legislators were passing laws without paying any attention to owners’ concerns.

Sound familiar?

We were originally called the Owners & Lessees Apartment House Association. But though our name may have changed, many of our key services have not.

The SFAA still fights for fair rental legislation, advocating in both San Francisco and Sacramento. And we still help owners navigate the complexities of SF’s rental market, reduce vacancy rates, run their properties more efficiently, and access the very best managerial, legal, and maintenance services that the city has to offer.

How You Can Partner with the SFAA

Whether you own properties, manage them, or maintain them, there is lots to gain from partnering with the SFAA.

Standard Membership
Our most popular option, a Standard Membership comes along with a suite of fantastic resources. Plus, your 69% tax-deductible dues will go towards our efforts to advocate for owner-friendly legislation at both the state and local levels.

Over half of our Standard Members run just four or fewer rental properties, though we happily help owners with large, city-wide portfolios too.

Management Company Membership 
Our Management Company Membership offers all the benefits of a Standard Membership, plus several additional resources and events catered to larger organizations.

Executive luncheons, an annual awards show, and an annual trade show are just a few of the premier events you’ll have access to as a Management Company Member.

Preferred Vendor
The SFAA has become a trusted resource and referrer to thousands of property owners across San Francisco. That’s why we’re happy to partner with exceptional professionals and help them market their services to potential clients.

There are many benefits to becoming a preferred vendor with us: among other perks, you’ll be listed in the SFAA professional services directory, you’ll get discounted advertising rates in the SF Apartment magazine (with a circulation of 6,000+), and you’ll get access to the top-notch industry events that the SFAA hosts.


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